Creating My Capsule Pantry

Time to dive right in and take a look at my pantry. I must admit I’ve been procrastinating a little… Whilst this has been on my mind a lot and I’ve thought about it over and over, I didn’t get down to business to take a good hard look at what I’ve got and what I need. Things always seem bigger and more complicated in our heads than they actually are when you tackle them. Even though I know that, I still catch myself pushing tasks away. Personally I blame the toddler in the house, who keeps me occupied and basically makes me want to collapse on the couch any chance I get…

My dad is coming to visit soon and I’ve asked him to bring me some Weck jars from Germany. I already have a few and can get them here in Melbourne but there is something comforting in knowing they came from home. By asking him I also made myself finally write a list of my staples and what I still need jars for.

So I’m starting off the pantry capsuling with the cereals. By that I mean all things oats and muesli. Is cereals the right word for that? I’m not quite sure, if you know a better one do let me know :).

Here is what I always keep in the house:


Oats, rolled
Oats, quick
Semolina, spelt or wholewheat
Semolina, fine
Buckwheat flakes
Brown Rice Bubbles


Brazil nuts


Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
Sesame seeds (I alternate between black and blonde)
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds

I’m not a nutritionist so this list is purely based on our preferences as a family, but I still try to use a variety of nourishing ingredients as best as I can. There are so many great options these days and I’m always curious to try new things. However I found that by concentrating on a few specific staples that we all love, it is easier for me to quickly throw something together and not get overwhelmed. I mix it up occasionally, but in the last few years these are the things that I’ve always come back to.

And last but not least I also keep two jars handy, filled with my go to homemade mixes:
Raw Muesli

There we go, these are my cereal and muesli staples!
Soon they can all happily live on the shelf and look pretty in their Weck jars :).

Now, what are your staples? Do you buy Muesli and Granola or mix it yourself? Are there other cereals you love or nuts and seeds that I don’t have on my list?