Be kind to yourself.

Everyday Kale Smoothie in a glass held up by a hand

How about some rest!

Do you feel you can't afford to rest, because otherwise all the many balls that you are juggling will drop? Often I tell myself that I know better by now, but t...
Green plant in a black pot on a light wooden surface

Why I was asking for help this week.

Have you ever felt like you had a hard time and could really need some support? I know I have. All the time actually. But instead of asking for help, it's so ea...
Japanese Maple Tree in spring

How to start fresh, every day.

It is spring and often this feels like a great time to start fresh. Start over and begin again. And whilst that's totally true, I'd like to share with you wh...
Kale and eggs breakfast on a plate with coffee and the sunday paper magazine

How to be happy and healthy right now!

Have you ever felt like if you buy this one new thing/appliance/ingredient/superfood/extra special something, you would be on your way to live a healthy and hap...