My weekly budgeting habit is going strong! Pretty quickly it became clear that there are a few things that should be on a monthly list though. I’ve been thinking about this for ages, but never wrote anything down and therefore never made any attempt to get myself organized. I remember mentioning it to my husband dozens of times just before life took over (again) and I forgot all about it (again).

The idea behind it is simply that I have a checklist we go through in the beginning of the month (or after payday, for us that is the 15th of every month – random, I know). To stock up on all those big things so they won’t interfere with my weekly grocery shopping budget. Most monthly items are food unrelated household stuff, some medication, cleaning things etc.

So far I have listed:

Toilet paper
Dishwashing liquid
Dishwasher Powder
Washing Powder
Bin liners
Shampoo/ Conditioner

I’ve created a seperate sheet to start my monthly checklist, you can download it here if you wish to do the same. I’m still setting it up so it’s work in progress, and I suppose it may change over time too. It is not intended to be static, just a helpful tool so you don’t have to remember everything all the time. We all need a break from brain overcrowding. Let’s free up our head and mind and take some stress away… often the smallest of actions can make a big impact!

What I’m hoping to achieve is a system that enables me to concentrate on my weekly cooking, rather than keeping track of all the other household items that may run out. It’s rather annoying when you think you are doing an awesome job and then realize you need to buy a new box of nappies… Or something else that may blow out the budget. Often it is more economical to buy things anyway so it’s about time I got this sorted!