Ginger and Turmeric Paste recipe

Have you tried turmeric latté yet? This ginger and turmeric paste makes a wonderful warming and soothing drink and I love to have a cup in the afternoon or evening. If you have gut problems you might need to try a small amount first. My husband can’t have turmeric even though it is widely known as healing and anti inflammatory.

You can amend this recipe and leave out spices if you like! No need to go all out if you prefer not to. I loved this combination instantly but if you find it overwhelming just keep it simple. I’ve seen a recipe for just the fresh ginger and turmeric paste without all the added spices. But make sure to add the black pepper, it is needed to help the absorption of all the goodness in the turmeric.

Also, this makes A LOT! I keep some in the freezer for later and it lasts me through late autumn and winter. If you are trying it out for the first time you could just make half the recipe.