Do you remember a time when you were on holidays and approached food with a different mindset and more joy, simply because you were relaxed and having a good time? We had a recent reminder of that the other day, when we spent a lovely weekend away. Just one night but it makes all the difference getting out of your usual habitat and spending some time elsewhere. It’s like an instant declutter experience, simply getting away from it all.
On Sunday morning we were greeted with this absolutely stunning breakfast buffet. It’s so joyful to take a plate or bowl and start selecting all these delicious things. Eating a varied diet is simple if someone’s prepared all this deliciousness for you and you just have to go round and pick what you like. But what if you could recreate that at home…

Creating joyful variety at home!

Breakfast is a wonderful meal and you’ll find quite a few recipes for it here. Either to eat at home or on the go. But instead of just giving you more recipes, I think it’s also a good idea to look at the different components and how you can put them together exactly how you like them.

My Capsule Kitchen isn’t about my food after all, it’s about helping you find the food that you love.

Below you’ll find the components that I often use when I’m putting breakfast together. You don’t have to have all these ingredients at home at the same time. I don’t always either. But if you’re clear on your favourites, rotating them will become second nature.

1. Select a base

Baked Oats in a glass garSpelt semolina in a white bowl, topped with milk and honey drizzeling over from a spoonCoconut Chia Pudding in a white shallow bowl with three slices banana.

My go to’s are:

Baked Oats
Spelt Semolina
Coconut Chia Pudding
Plain Yoghurt (and occasionally coconut yoghurt when it’s on special)

2. Add some whole grains

Depending on what base I’ve used, I add in more wholegrains.

Generally for me that means oats, puffed brown rice or raw buckwheat because these are the ones that I enjoy the most. But there is a vast variety out there and it is well worth trying some others to see if you like them.

For example puffed amaranth, spelt flakes, rice flakes, quinoa flakes… You could try and seek out your closest bulk food shop and buy a handful of each to try.

And of course you can put together muesli or granola in advance. Occasionally I’ve got a jar full at the ready.

3. Add some fruit

Pick one or two types of fruit that are in season. Or more if you like! Obviously more is great too, but I find that while I occasionally enjoy throwing something elaborate together, most of the time I like to keep it simple. I just make sure to choose different fruits throughout the week.

If you want to check what’s in season, here are the overviews for winter and spring, I’ll add summer and autumn as we go.

Frozen berries are a wonderful addition in winter, when the variety of fruits available is not so great. And fruit compote is also delicious.

4. Add some nuts and seeds

Generally I add one or two types of nuts and one or two types of seeds.

My favourite nuts are:

Brazil nuts


My favourite seeds are:

Sesame Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Hemp Seeds
Chia Seeds
Poppy Seeds

5. Add some extras

For an added bonus boost, you could add a dash of nutmilk or healthy caramel sauce. Or simply a spoonful of tahini, nut butter, maple syrup or honey.

Healthy Caramel Sauce being poured into a glass jarNutmilk being poured fro a glass jug into a glass standing on a wooden surface

Choose your Instagram worthy combination!

The possibilities are endless, simply pick and choose, mix and match:

  • Baked Oats, puffed brown rice, sliced banana and strawberries, hazelnuts, poppy seeds and almond milk
  • Semolina, raw buckwheat, blueberries and rock melon, almonds, pumpkin seeds, whole milk and a drizzle of honey.
  • Coconut chia seed pudding, mango, brazil nuts and macadamias, sesame seeds and a drizzle of healthy caramel
  • Yoghurt, papaya and starfruit, hempseeds, cashews and a few spoonfuls of granola

Literally any of these will be very instagrammable, haha.

What would be your favourite combination?

Much love,

Katrine x